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Dear customers,

at Argen, the health, safety and welfare of our customers, employees, partners and the community are our highest priority. We would like to ensure that we have developed a comprehensive business continuity plan to ensure that Argen remains operational and continues to serve your needs.
In January, we established an Argen Corona Task Force to continuously track and monitor the global COVID 19 situation. In recent months, we have actively prepared for various scenarios by significantly increasing our raw material stocks and ensuring adequate manpower resources. We are confident that we have the material and the staff to continue to provide you with products and customer service at the accustomed level.
We are taking proactive measures to ensure that we remain operational. These measures include continuous cleaning, social distancing and, most importantly, the separation of employees into shifts in order to remain permanently productive. As a result, we need additional time to process your orders. We would like to ask for your help and support in the coming weeks, as we will initially change our delivery times and our product portfolio temporarily until April 20, 2020 as follows
Goods for Sale:
- Our standard orders (alloys, zirconium discs, INKA teeth, PMMA discs, etc.) will be shipped from Monday on the day following the order.
- It may take up to 2 weeks to process returns to Argen.
- The minimum delivery quantity of dental alloys is 10g per alloy.
- Coins and bars are not available until further notice.
- Restorations made of Argeloy 280 (Laser Cusing) are produced unfinished only. The respective purchase price will of course be reduced accordingly.
If you need nearly finished surfaces, please use our milled version, Argeloy 255.
(Attention: Please note the material and parameter specifications)
- Argen Zirkon can be ordered as semi-finished part from Monday, 23.03. only in the pre-shaded materials (ArgenZ HT+ color and ArgenZ ST anterior).
The further range of services will be fully maintained. Also the delivery will be carried out after 48 hours, provided that the order is placed by 12:00 o'clock.
General information:
- At the moment we are not able to receive customers in our production rooms.
- Self-collectors are served exclusively in the waiting area in front of our reception at the entrance Fritz-Vomfelde-Str. 12.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your sales representative or our customer service on +49 211 355 965 0 or by e-mail:
We thank you for your continuous support and trust.
Please continue to take care of yourself and stay healthy.

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Our proven multi-indicative alloy Argistar 570, now also digitally milled.
Ideal for high expansion, low-fusing ceramics.

WAK 25-500: 16,9  |  WAK 25-600: 17,1

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Scanners are a logical addition to our existing portfolio.

We want to offer our customers only the best products and services throughout the entire digital workflow, from scanning to the receipt of the semi-finished parts, and provide you with the full range of services.

For you as a customer, this is a significant relief, because services, products and support come from a single source and you do not have to contact different manufacturers and sales partners depending on the question. You can contact your ARGEN consultant and/or Support throughout the entire process chain with any request.


With our Carbon 3D printers we provide you with an exceptional quality.

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