Tips & Tricks

Optical scanners do not like reflective or mirrored surfaces. This applies to the entire object to be scanned. Reflective areas on the model or model support can also result in scanning errors. In such cases, matt the surfaces, e.g. with a scan spray.

Tips & Tricks

ArgenICS custom abutments are always supplied with the definitive screw. If you would like a laboratory screw, please select “Additional laboratory screw” during the order process.

Tips & Tricks

Scanners are temperature-sensitive. Especially in the morning in winter when the heating is turned on, room temperatures change rapidly. Therefore, to avoid faulty constructions, one or two calibration processes per day are required depending on the fluctuations in temperature.



Based on your digital construction data, we mill individual and multi-unit full and partial crowns as well as bridges from premium PMMA, as temporary pieces for anterior and posterior.


CE marked and approved for use as a Class 1 medical device. Approved for fitting, bite control and fitting in the patient's mouth. Extremely stable - for easy handling of a restoration. Residue-free burnout, ideally qualified for technical casting.


We mill your digital data in zirconium with the highest precision and quality. Our zirconia  is produced in a complex isostatic single pressing process. We only use basic materials from renowned manufacturers of modern bioscience materials.

3D Print

With our high-end 3D printers we offer you the precision you need.


With our high precision machines we mill individual abutments in highest material quality and precise processing. ArgenICS is available for all common systems. We also offer a 12-year warranty on implants with which our abutments are connected.

e.max® CAD

Highly aesthetic lithium disilicate glass-ceramics.
Available in Translucencies: HT, MT and LT.


    As the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of precious metal alloys, we have decades of experience and unrivalled expertise in the production and processing of precious materials for dental frameworks. We also offer a solution for the digital milling of precious metals.


    We also have an attractive offer for digital milling NEM:
    ArgenCoCr 255 has excellent properties and is ideal for milling crowns and bridges in full anatomy or for partial and full veneering, as well as for interior telescopes and individual two-part abutments.


    The innovative Laser-Cusing (LC) is also known as 3-D printing.

    Based on the design data provided by the laboratory, high-quality CoCr powder (Alloy Argeloy 280) is melted layer for layer by laser in the ARGEN Digital Centre.

    Argen Prothetics - Solvay Ultaire AKP

    metal-free model casting made of aryl ketone polymer

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