A special quality feature of our zircons is the isostatic individual pressing of the discs after axial pre-pressing. Preformed zirconia rounds are individually pressed from all directions with constant pressure in a high-pressure chamber. This enables us to achieve excellent millability, maximum edge stability and a uniform particle size distribution within each disc. Another special feature is the quality and mixing ratio of the raw materials. Only high-quality bioscience materials from leading manufacturers are used. The experienced user hears the significant difference in quality as soon as the tool hits the surface of the discs.


Material variants

ArgenZ HT+

The next generation of highly translucent zirconium with another 5 percent more translucency than ArgenZ HT and particularly high stability.

ArgenZ HS ultra

Very high strength, excellently qualified for individual abutments, primary constructions (also on implants), crown and bridge frameworks for ceramic, large restorations, reduced frameworks, substructures and bars. Available in A1-D4.

ArgenZ ST Multilayer

The perfect esthetic solution for anterior restorations and an alternative to lithium silicate ceramics. Up to 25 percent increase in translucency resulting from the crystalline structure of cubic zirconia is astonishingly close to the appearance of natural teeth. Available in 16 V-colors.
Translucency: 50%
Stability: 850 MPa

ArgenZ HT+ color

In sixteen reliably reproduceable colour variants from A1 to D4, finely pigmented for consistent and precise colour matching. Excellent for crowns and bridges for full restorations. Also ideal for full anatomical finish. With the plus of translucency.


Extremely high quality, guaranteed by extensive testing by external clinical institutions and laboratories. Quality testing includes:

  • Analysis of zirconium dioxide particle size
  • Testing of abrasion and polishability using energy dispersive spectrometry and X-rays
  • Analysis of colour and translucency using UV spectrophotometry
  • Testing of bending strength by three-point, four-point and biaxial bending tests
  • Testing of milling capability with milling machines from various manufacturers
  • Testing of ageing resistance to achieve maximum lifetime

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