Production at ARGEN

Today, ARGEN is one of the leading suppliers of digital dental production and support services. In two state-of-the-art digital centres at the ARGEN Corporation Headquarters in San Diego and at the offices of ARGEN Dental GmbH in Düsseldorf, we produce dental units for the American and European market using the following methods:

  • Laser cusing with CoCr
  • Digital milling with zirconia, PMMA, wax, NEM, EM and e.max® CAD
  • Custom abutments (single and two-part)
  • 3D print

ARGEN is Family

The ARGEN Corporation and its German subsidiary ARGEN Dental GmbH are one hundred percent family businesses and are personally managed in keeping with our philosophy. Naturally, people are always different, individual and sometimes even particular. This is the result of our upbringing and the sum of our experiences and is certainly no flaw. This is the only way, we can be real individuals.

It would certainly not have been an option for the future to close our eyes to the changing dental market, to duck down and hope that the digital storm would pass over us. That is the reason why, already back in 2006 we began to establish and implement our digital skills in the USA. Today, we offer a full range of dental CAD-CAM production services in our digital centres in San Diego and Düsseldorf with the high quality for which ARGEN is renowned.  In the meantime, we are the largest digital centre for dental laboratories in America and are continually expanding our range with innovative ideas.


The production processes are controlled exclusively by means of intelligent industrial software and postprocessors that are fitted to the machine. All processes from upload, calculation of the milling path, interfaces to shipping are in-house developments and help to secure the high quality that is typical for ARGEN.

Please contact our Digital Service on:
Telephone +49 (0)211 355 965 111

In addition to the digital production and support services, we offer a large selection of top quality framework materials to laboratories for in-house production. For decades, we have been the world’s largest manufacturer of dental precious metals and have an outstanding expertise in this field.

Partner To Dental Labs

Our range of products and services caters exclusively for dental laboratories. For our customers, we produce frameworks made of cobalt chrome using the laser cusing method, we mill crowns and bridges from precious metals, non-precious metals and zirconium dioxide into highly innovative material variants, as well as temporary dental prosthesis made of PMMA and also custom abutments and other requested constructions on implants made of various materials.

We rely on the superior skills of German dental technicians, which cannot entirely be replaced by any intra-oral scanners and 3D printers. In the future, also, we want to be an individual counterweight to enterprises in the dental industry that are becoming increasingly interwoven. Our reliability, our distinctive service, our proximity to our customers and our flexibility and sincerity will continue to be the great strength of ARGEN Dental GmbH.